The Revelation of the Elders

It takes a good man to fight real evil, (and a little chicken soup doesn’t hurt either).

Aaron Stern, a young man with a big secret, is living the California Dream. But his world is turned upside down when sinister forces begin to close in on him.

Aaron finds himself drawn into a world of powerful ancient manuscripts, psychic adepts, healers, mind readers and a thousand-year battle against the powers of darkness.

When his family finds itself in the firing line Aaron has to confront pure evil with resources he never knew he had.

The Revelation of the Elders is a white-knuckle conspiracy thriller with paranormal and historical themes, and a few Jewish jokes.


The Warriors of the Elders

(Publication date: Christmas, 2023)

The only thing standing against an army of the undead is a guy with relationship issues

A Chinese Secret Society has found the key to raising an unstoppable inhuman army.

Aaron Stern and Katie Liebovitz are back!  Foiling a world-destroying apocalypse, so they can get back to worrying about their college grades, and working on their relationship.

The Warriors of the Elders is the second book in the Elders Series. A rollercoaster  ride across Tibet, India and China in a breakneck race to stop an irresistible army of ancient warriors.

With an unlikely team – a blind Tibetan hermit, a beautiful Bollywood starlet, a couple of orphans, and an ex-Mossad agent – Aaron and Katie are pitted against the most powerful forces of evil the Elders have ever had to face.

Zombies would turn tail and run from these guys!

The Flight of the Elders

(Publication date: Early 2024

Dark deeds on the Dark Continent

Melvin Shnayvise and Mishi Stern reluctantly team up to save the world.

The third book in the Elders Series, narrates the dangerous journey through war torn Africa to rescue a tribe threatened with genocide, and to find and secure an artefact of limitless potency, hidden millennia before to keep it out of the hands of those who would misuse its power.

More books are planned for the Elders Series!

The Dust of the Ground

(Publication Date: September, 2023)

A novella set in Ancient Persia

In the town of Susa in Ancient Persia the Jews flee from a night of rioting and violence. For Jacob Ben Joel, however, there is no escape.  He is trapped and, together with a young girl, he tries to find his way through the dark burning city. When they are attacked and Esther is snatched from him,  Jacob must call upon his last reserves of courage, the powers of both heaven and earth to face the greatest danger of them all.