author of elders series gilbert mane


Gilbert has been asked to speak and present workshops on a wide range of subjects:

  • Education
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Scriptural analysis
  • Self-awareness
  • School management
  • Creative Writing

Some titles of recent talks and workshops:

  • Plato and Education
  • In Apprehension How Like a God: An ideal education for young spirits
  • Marsilio Ficino: Renaissance Man
  • Fierce Scripture: Incitement to Violence, or Inner Transformation
  • From Egypt to Elizabeth Street: A Journey Through Western Civilisation
  • In The Beginning: Genesis for Fun and Prophet
  • Freedom, and How to Get Some
  • Practical Self-Awareness: how to live a focused life and still have time to  coach the kids’ soccer team
  • Paying the Piper: Government Funding of Independent Schools in Australia
  • The Little Black Dress of Education: what is simple, practical, suitable for all  occasions, and every teacher needs in their cupboard?
  • Mindfulness and Education
  • The Power of Storytelling